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Owner / Photographer

Jen Theodore

I am a dreamer. I am an artist. I believe in the power and beauty of moments.. I believe in love at first sight. I believe in the miracle of birth and the privilege of raising children. I believe in the unbreakable and ever-changing bond of family. I believe in the promises of futures and unlimited potential. I believe in seeing the beauty in the everyday.

I believe it is an honor to bear witness to all of this in life and I am dedicated to capturing all those moments you treasure so that you may look back at them for many years to come with joy in your heart.

My love for photography began in high school when my art teacher encouraged me to join his photo club. I was quickly enamored with film and found excitement in composing the perfect image, developing film and printing in the darkroom. The whole process was magical to me. I majored in journalism in college and worked as a newspaper editor/photographer for 10 years before changing careers and becoming a labor and delivery nurse.

I have enjoyed photographing my children and family over the years and made the decision last year to begin offering my services to others because of my deep belief that everyone should have beautiful images of their family – whatever that might look like at the moment. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve thought a great deal about the legacy I would like to leave behind. I believe it is my calling to document love thru my photography for my clients, so that they feel joy in their hearts when they look at the images I have created.